Welcome! If you’re an aspiring golfer ready to play competitive golf, you’ve come to the right place. This blog has been created to serve as a journey and journal to allow the exchange of training tips and techniques, thoughts, questions, and the sharing of information for anyone and everyone working hard in pursuit of their dream to compete!


My Name is Fernando, I created Determined To Golf a site dedicated to the amateur golfer with the spirit to seriously compete.

I plan on training like an athlete to beat my home course Granada, compete on the Big Break and play in the 2020 US Amateur and the US Open.

I will also be playing 100 golf courses in east coast of Florida as well as the west coast. Along the way I will have product reviews and training aids that I will use for my endeavors.

I plan on playing golf the way the game is intended to be played by walking the golf courses and I will not be taking a mulligan since I am going to count every shot.

In addition, to having a desire to compete I have set up a Golf Bucket List, the list was an inspiration from amateur golfers such as Tom Coyne, Sean Ogle and Dan Mc.

I live in what most golfer call the paradise, yes I live in Florida so golfing is available to me year round. This will be the premise of my training will revolve around my job and I will document everything.

This site is the kind of site an amateur like me would like to read and it will catalogue how I train like a pro while maintaining a 9 to 5. You can read about the plan here.


What’s Your Handicap?

As of today don’t know about two and half years ago I was 16 then my clubs were stolen. However as I make improvements I will be updating this page and will keep a tracker.


What’s in the bag?

Nike Vapor Speed Driver

Tour Logic Fairway Wood 3

Cobra S3 3 Iron

Nike Covert 2.0 Forged Irons (4-AW)

Adams Golf hybrid

Taylormade EST. 79 TM 110 Putter

Nike One Platinum Golf Balls

Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove (Left/Regular)

Nike Shoes SP-5


How will you manage to train and keep you day your day job?

My job schedule changes so time management is key, for this success.


What’ your favorite golf course?

My home course Granada Golf course in Coral Gables and The Biltmore Golf Course are my two favorite I am open to change once I begin this journey. Since I previously played I will play them as part of my 100 course on the east coast to give you a review.


Who would you like to play against someday?

Tiger Woods, but on an amateur level Sean Ogle, Tom Coyne and Dan McLaughlin, however along the way I like to play great bloggers that are into golf and want to compete.


Why play 100 hundred golf courses on both East coast and West coast of Florida?

Simple, per the state of Florida there are more than 1,250 golf courses in Florida and Palm Beach County has more golf courses in the country.


Why not the Top 100 golf courses?

Since this site is dedicated to the amateur golfer I want to explore golf courses that have been over looked and some that are considered hidden gems, that amateur players can learn and grow. In addition there are other sites that have played the top 100 courses and have great reviews on them. I know along the way I will encounter those courses.


I am golfer & would love to play a round with you even write for you is this possible?

Absolutely! Send me an email to discuss your ideas!

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