Masters Thursday 2018


April 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 218.8 pounds
18:50 hours  out of the 5000 hours

Excited that The Masters start today . So Excited that I got at 5 am head out for a jog and put on the Allistair podcast champion minded.

Did a 5 mile jog/Walk once home did my morning routine and hit a cold shower ( that’s right folks cold showers) to releave some soreness from the jog.

With so much excitement I threw my golf clubs in the back of the car and headed out to range. Yes I took the day off actually I took, for the Masters Thursday and Friday off.

While I was on the range I started using the AW club and was hitting solids on three occasions I actually hit the flag. I was focus once again on playing a short game scenario. The flag was about 90 yards.

As you can see in the picture I meant business got two buckets for this morning practice. I came to the Miami Spring Country Club. I caught them on early set up the basket were not even out.

I was hitting with switch it up for Excalibur at first as I hit the 3 iron I had a few slices and couple of tops. Suddenly I start hitting like before my 3 iron work was back in shape and hitting staight and about 200 yards. Now I wish I could say that I was hitting constantly every ball but I’m gonna say every two or three balls I would strike once I would focus and fully rotate my torso and keeping my head down. The best thing any club can do for you and the distinct sound the club makes when you have struck it with perfection.

I switch with AW continue hitting and run a couple off game scenarios and I was hitting on the small mount near the flag sometimes I would have a lot powe behind that hit and over shot the mount.

After I have hit all the balls I notice that when I picked up the clubs it felt like I carrying a ton brinks. It seems that I had depleted my energy levels and now the bag was hurting shoulder it as small but noticeable pain.

I am not much of a breakfast person I have always fasted till lunch but like they say I guess it comes with age I’m noticing some things that I could do before now I can’t. I am on 46 yet my heart and mind feels like 25.

I realize that I’m gonna have to get serious about my nutrition or get a nutritionists to assist me with a gane plan.

After breakfast I felt like myself got home and did some chores and settled in for all day of The Masters.


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