Havana Nights 1957

So last night wanted to blow some steam off been long week at work and honestly I haven’t touch the clubs all week only during lunch with so much work going on.

Was out with my girlfriend Christina head to Havana 1957 and we been dating now almost seven months and I realized I never told her about my Golf challenge.

So I’m  having a conversation I tell her though the Cuban and the delicious food and people dancing about the The Dan Plan and how Dan was taking on the cause to get to scratch and compete, by putting the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to the test.

I continue to explain to her how Dan had to opt out of the challenge because of a back injury.

I begin to tell her about this guy who took on the mantle and challenge the concept that it could be reached in 5,000 hours. Now she has an understanding of the sport and she lays down the question “ is that guy you?”

This is the moment where

Record scratch, there’s a freeze frame in the restaurant and I camera pans at me and I say “ yeah folks that’s me and your probably wondering how I got here.”

I quickly take a sip of my mojito and I say “No!”

Feeling guilty of not telling the truth all the way on the drive home dropped of Christina.

Once I got home I had a package at my doorstep a book I have been waiting for Dream On by John Richardson.

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