Happy Easter 2018

April 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 220.8 pounds
17:41hours out of the 5000 hours

Happy Easter everyone after a four mile jog and walk went to my favorite eating hole Latin Cafe 2000 and had what the call El Desayuno Saludable, The Healthy Breakfast funny thing while sitting there with Christina she was talking to me about how a nurse in the clinic she works at is the owner of a hair salon but always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She then asked me what I always dreamed of being and I told as a kid with a an over active imagination I wanted to be everything from a police officer, to astronaut, actor, director even a forest ranger. She smile but said asked me again and I told her as I got older and found Golf at 24 or 25 I wanted to be a Golf pro.

I headed out before going to a friends BBQ to Miami Springs Country Club to hit balls in the driving range.

I don’t want to be out there like every weekend warrior hacking away all morning long. I got to the range and motivated by two things one from last night reading Dream On by John Richardson and listening to Dr. Bob Rotella audio-book The Golf Of Your Dreams.

I had a plan for today’s range practice.

I was only going to focus today on hitting the P Wedge only one club short game practice on the driving range. I set my area had my large bucket ready to go. At the driving range there was a another guy hitting there about 20 feet from me had a radio on with some reggaeton music. At first it seem his radio would annoy me but I realized it actually did not.

Part of Golf is the mental game and distractions will occur. Set myself up and right in from a bit to the right was a mount with a flag pole near a sign that said 100 yard behind it. I figured more or less the flag was on the mount green about 90 yards.

So hitting the ball after a quick stretch focused on the flag I started hitting some that where over shooting the green.

For a moment I reached for Excalibur ( for those that don’t know that’s my 3 iron and that will be on another post when I do a review of my Cobra S3 3 iron) I started hitting with Excalibur and sure enough I could not hit any since my current focus was pin seeking.

I clean of Excalibur, put it back in the bag grab the P Wedge and started hitting balls again.

Focusing on my swing the club face striking the ball and starting practice again. I was topping some of the balls producing a line drive that was heading left away from the flag and the mount.

Stepped back looked at the flag again and started hitting the ball again this time not giving it so much power on the hit but giving a swing that caused a pop and started hitting balls that were landing on the green mount but nowhere near the flag nevertheless about 20 feet from the flag.

I was hitting balls near or over the flag some slices about every two balls I was inching closer to the pin.

Just the last three ball to hit two of them over shot the mount both reahing about 120 yards according to the signs.

Set my last ball did a practice swing didn’t even think about since it was the last the ball it was hot and I had to get going. Set myself up aligned my aim towards the flag took a swing struck the ball it pop in the air landed two feet in front of the flag.

Typical but satisfying.

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