Don’t Quit For Now

 April 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 215.0 pounds
19:36 hours  out of the 5000 hours
The show must go on but not right now. Let me explain I’m not quitting just as I got back on horse specially when the horse kicked off back in 2016.
But I have to be honest I know that doctor last month gave me a clean bill health other than my cholesterol.
After two years of being on medication, I gain weight and I’m out of shape. I am 46 and I’m 216 pounds for my height and age ideally I should be at 170 pounds and truth be told I look better and feel good at 180 pounds.
The plan when I got back from Spain was lose the weight hit the links. Something going on though I’ll explain. Last 3 to weeks whenever I hit the golf course I notice excruciating pain. Pain on my shoulders both side along my neck. Pain that couple post ago while at Miami Spirngs Country Club after hitting range when I sling the bag on my shoulders I had this severe pain as if someone loaded a ton of brinks on it.
Now as man I truthfully brush it of make it go away did not care for the pain did not make a big deal but had this in the back of my mind.
On Sunday 04/15/2018 I wanted to putt before it rained, but could not last an hour I felt pain on both sides of shoulders and along my neck to the point that I felt weak.
So I spent a good amount of time researching on google to see what could be happened I’m no doctor nor do I like try to analyse my symptoms and the internet only puts more fear in you, but what could be happening to me maybe gallbladder related.
So I gonna focus on my health and working out getting in shape I’m not leaving golf or my readers but it’s soemhting I need to do. I’m not quitting just need to take care of my self. I’m taking May,June and July to figure things out.
How much so that I have even purchased items to start a golf blog on YouTube.
I will post some articles on the site even some product reviews.
So as of now good bye but for a bit.

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