The Biltmore Country Club and visit with Dr. Jose.

This post is for Tuesday March 13, 2017.

March 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 219. pounds
14:55 hours out of the 5000 hours


Today had my three months follow up with Dr. Jose she went over all my numbers only concern she had was that my cholesterol good and bad were definitely were not good.

Total cholesterol- 227
LDL cholesterol-162

So she told me I had three months before the next follow up to get these numbers up or  she was gonna need to place me on cholesterol medication.

If that does not prompt you to get your ass in gear  and start working It I don’t what else will,  for me I don’t want  to be on any medication at all.

After leaving the docs office, I raced home headed to the driving range at the Biltmore Golf course.

Got two large buckets and went to town on them. I was hitting balls without stoping for a good hour  until my hands started hurting and filled with calluses

Over all my three wood and hybrid game needs a lot work. Excalibur (my 3 iron) did let me down. Solid straight long shots.

I would describe what the distance I was achieving but the sign that represents the distance the color flags are was no where to be seen or at least I didn’t see it.

Adding more to time to my endvour of 5000 hours however I know I’m gonna have to focus on the times that I get frustrated when I hit a slice or top the ball.

Something I notice for a long time the kids that are playing golf man, they simply are destroying it.

What I mean I saw this kid must have been 11 sending stingers and bombs.

There was a little girl next to me must have been eight or nine years old and she was missiles while I shanking, slicing and topping the hell out of the balls.

One lesson about golf it’s not what you can bomb when your on the range but your head has to be in the game 100 percent.


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