Office Golf

Most don’t know that I have a putter in my office and that I have one of those putt return devices and it hit me that I am going to utilize my time during my lunch also to practice my putt. However the device that I have at my desk makes a lot noise when ball is returning and I am thinking about bring my Sklz putter cup to the office and use that during my lunch. I know that rug could not substitute what a green can but the way I see it its better than nothing.

I was only experimenting with the putter and today and seeing where it could go from here. I didn’t bother to actually start the clock on the app since it was only messing around and seeing where I could practice,

I was also feeling a bit tire and lethargic this morning no brain fog but my tiresness and no energy could also span from the fact that I did go jogging the last couple of days and been eating bad.

With my headphones on and some classical music I was actually putting on to a quarter seeing if hand eye condition was on point this was actually the first putting practice I was taught by cousin that you can do indoor or even outdoor.

Try to get the ball to actually stop near or on top a coin it defentely teaches you putting speed.

Refocused buy all the crazy thoughts going through my mind off all the added practice time at the office that once I got out of work I hit up a four mile jog.

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