Miami Springs Country Club & Daylight Savings.



This post is for Sunday March 11, 2017.
March 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 221. pounds
13:51 hours out of the 5000 hours

There’s one thing that makes happy besides playing golf is daylights saving time. I jumped out bed at 7 am (I usually get up at 5am ) it was still dark out didn’t stop me to hit up a morning jog.

Inspired by Saturday Valspar tournament and watching Tiger Woods making a comeback.

Continuing my training today I was at the driving range.

I also did short game training and was truly inspiring. Getting back into the thick of the action finished up and completed my day with a 4 mile jog.


My evening short game as you can see was at 5:30pm I always practice the same routine that I call the five ball drop

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