Little Red Book & Practice

March 2018
USGA Handicap Index: None existing
Weight: 217. pounds
16:27 hours out of the 5000 hours

So yesterday I got up at 5 am for a five mile jog. While it was still dark unusually don’t throw headphones to listen to music bit paranoid but 5 am Miami is not safe.

I decided to listen to Harvey Penicks Little Red Book.

I read this book years ago but lately I have downloaded audio books to listen to them while Im practice or jogging.

I spent my day running some errands before heading home to watch the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

I watched bit of the game but truth be told I was really not satisfied with Tigers performance, so best thing I can do is head out to the golf course.
There I also had a sense of distraction well I was distracted there’s older gentleman that I have played golf with and even practice on the green who while I was practicing and he decided to strike a conversation. Now I’m not anti social nor am I rude but I just wanted to focus on the short game.

While this gentleman was chatting me up, another gentleman showed up and continue the discussion. I was only able to get about 30 minutes of the five ball drop practice.

I finished my evening with a three mile jog and finished listening to the Little Red Book.

Today inspired I hit up a 6 mile jog at 5 am and once again after finishing my errands and getting my car washed.

I Head out to Granada and I spent and hour practicing short game once again the five ball drop and I am managed to make 2/5.


Till next time


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