5,000 Hours of Practice.

Why 5,000 hours not 10,000? Why not, Dan from The Dan Plan was already doing this I know his injuries ended his golfing career and I figure I try my own experiment with only 5000 hours.

I was reading online some post that argue the 10,000 hours was debunk but this is not the sole purpose as to why I chose the 5,000 hours.

I feel that with the dedication and focus scratch Golf could be achieved with that time. Now I am not married nor am I a father so I have all the time hell im often told by friends I’m living the playboy golfer lifestyle.

To me the 5,000 hours has to have total meaning not showing up and hitting golf balls.

What I mean is I know that hitting balls I have to take down information, watch videos, read, get a fitness coach, get nutritionist, get a swing coach.

If all of this sounds familiar, yes, that is excatcly what Dan McLaughlin did but before you guys say I’m copying Dan from The Dan Plan, note that this has to be the common theme because Tom Coyne did the same thing when he wrote best seller Paper Tiger.

5,000 hours is not an easy time to achieve nor is getting to scratch but on many articles I read ( I will link them) show that Dan reached handicaps of 2.6 such as this article:


in this article states Dan reached his handicap of 5.9 by the end of 2012.

Now wether it’s Dan or Toms approached to making it ( I love Tom’s approach) after listening to Harvey Pennicks Little Red Book for what I’m want to do Dan’s training is the way to go. Start from the green work my way to the tee same approach Harvey taught his students.

Over all wether it’s 5,000 hours or Tom,s or Dan’s practice method what I need to avoid at all cost is burn out. The key ingredient to putting everting together is just getting out there and have fun.

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