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December 2017

USGA Handicap Index: None existing

Weight: 227. pounds

12:32 hours out of the 5000 hours

It was truly inspiring to see Tiger Woods return to competitive golf. I noticed that there was slight change in him. Tiger Woods’ career, while already great, becomes legendary if he completes what feels like an inevitable return to glory.

In his post-round interview, he seems to have stopped caring what others think of him.

That’s the corner he’s turned. He’s now focused on what he enjoys. No more worries about his image.

But never the less although Tiger did not win he definitely set a fire in me that I needed to continue grinding on DTG.

I did a small Tiger day getting out there, I spent my day just focusing on my short game and mental game. Still using the app A TIME LOGGER here’s is snap shot of it. I have a total of 12:32 hours out of my 5000 hours.


Been working a lot of hours since the end of August and beginning of September right after storm, but now that things have settled down I am to focus on my golf challenge. Seeing that now I am to catch up on reading golf blogs I ran in the blog of The Dan Plan <— and based on that article he’s calling it quits. Looks like its up to me take up the mantle now to get to competitive Golf.

Big things and big plans for Determined to Golf for 2018 calendar. For now know that I had a great productive day.



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