Day 1

May  2016

USGA Handicap Index : None existing

Weight : 205.0 pounds
5:05 am

Woke up this morning for a five mile jog around Granada Golf course. Actual ended up being more like a four mile jog been dealing with stomach bug that made the jog seem like a 500 mile walk. Once I got home workout on the The Rack Workout station. Yes I said Rack Workout station this device in all reality is not for bulking up but more for leaning out and getting the most of a cardio workout. Finished at 7:30 am and called home in Spain and wished my mother a Happy Birthday. I decided to make the first day of training on the moms birthday to reminded every year the milestone of this adventure.

Jumped in the shower for a cold shower and planned my morning I was getting ready to head out after breakfast the golf course to get some work done on the fist day I was going to start to head out to Miami Springs Golf Course to the driving range and not the Biltmore Hotel because they allow to hit from the grass vs the the mat.

As i was driving, a friend phoned me to tell me that The Sports Authority had a sale on the hitting net and mat that I wanted. I didn’t want to deviate the from the plan but this was opportunities that you just can’t pass by and to be honest I wanted to set up a hitting net in my sister back yard we all know that the driving range fees can add up after going a couple times a week.

After Sport Authority I made a slight detour since I was in the Dadeland station in Kendall and I was curious about a golf course I heard closed down and I wanted to see it for myself.

Sure enough I discovered the course was indeed closed the course was called Calusa Golf Course and its location was 9400 Sw 130th avenue. There was nothing but empty land tall grass. I remember when I was went to this course wish happens to be about 13 miles away it was not bad but from what I heard it was not that great ether. This course is hidden in a quiet neighborhood and unless someone that knows the area tell you that there was a course there you would never have guess.

Between Sports Authority and the short exploration it was time for lunch and catching up on what’s happening in the golf channel. Guess the Zurich game was canceled due to bad wether. Right after lunch went straight to Granada at about 1:15 and worked on my putting and short game chipping as a matter of fact been working with an appcalled atimeloger2


I am using this app to track the hours that I am using for training and there is more details to come when I release the post called the The Working Class Hero. I have Ben experimenting to get the swing of the APP so I have already logged with today’s practice 05:44 hours.

While I was there I practiced the short game. While  on the practice green there was an older gentleman that I had met 6 years ago and recognized me and after a small chit chat we proceeded to play a game called five ball eliminate well that what I call it. I am sure that it may have a different name and I’ll find out when I write  a post about it.

After the game and practice I manage to get home to catch the ending of the LPGA shame I wanted Gerina to win. But that’s  golf your on the lead all weekend and it falls apart on the last day or the final hours of tournament. So tomorrow should be interesting as I begin to training on a busy schedule.

5 am wake up.
Rack Workout and Suspension Training.
Cold Shower.
Head out to Granada to putt.
After work back to Granada short game till sundown.
8pm Gym ( I usually workout at night helps me sleep).

Rinse, Wash, Repeat…

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