The Back Story

Every hero has a back story and while mine is not a story of a spider biting and me saving the world.

I was introduced to golf when I was 12 years old  (well to be honest had I taken an immediate liking to it, I would have been this week at The Masters). A friend of my dads was a golfer and I saw that he had all these Golf Digest magazine.  I remember picking up a red cover article that was an entire issue on clubs and irons. This did not spark my interest but as I skimed through the pages I remember thinking how cool the equipment was.

Fast forward to 1998 while going to college my cousin actually took me out on the range to hit balls and after a few minor bad shots and one good shot that went straight and log I was hooked on the game I decided to purchase a set however I did not purchase a tour set my set was a $5.00 garage sale 1966 golf cart bag with Gene Littler irons and old wood head drivers yes I said it old wood head driver and fairway woods that I still have.

At the time that the game was being introduced to me I was not aware that a Tiger was already lurking through the golf courses when I decided in 2001 to really take the game seriously I had purchased a sort of a beginners men set called Knight Golf and I soon learn the difference between TaylorMade, Mizuno/ Nike and Cobra golf.

Wanting to take further I know that my set would be soon obsolete since I was already getting a feel for the game and I was not content with my set especially that I notice that pros were not player with graphite but with steel shafts (at least a lot of them did).

Saved up money and Nike introduced a set at least in my opinion (and I say this because one of my friends let me play with their own clubs) one of the best irons for amateurs and Pros the Nike Slingshots in 2005 to 2006.

During this time I started practicing and improving my game and I will say it was an amazing time The Golf Channel was showing Tiger around the clock and his highlights and truth be told I was not complaining.

The love for the game was a love hate relationship the hype would come on and off like a fever. I learned everything about the game read books, watched videos but never took one lesson.

But the fever was actually short lived late 2008 to late 2009 divorced happed and after a grueling year of dealing with nonsense I had lost all appetite for the game. In late 2009 I had picked up my copy of Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne and read it again. Soon after in 2010 Tom release is other fantastic book A Course Called Ireland.

While reading it I said I like to do the same thing Ton did in book but I like to take a golf advantage in the home of golf Scotland.

But anyone that has gone through a divorce knows that it can set you back financial at least five years at least for me it was five close to six. I manage to tighten up finically and try to pay everyone that we owed to get back to where I need to be.

Then 2014 showed up and I was debt free a new man I had moved in with my sister to save up money while the year before I was had learned a new hobby filmmaking and making money filming weddings. All along golf was on back burner but not forgotten and when I manage to plan my golfing adventure. The worst thing that could happen to a golfer, my clubs were stolen and sure enough I thought the golfing gods were definitely playing a joke on me.

Filing a police report sure lets law enforcement know that a crime was committed but to me while my XBOX, Blu ray player, tool box, cd’s, and golf poster were stolen my golf clubs were not stolen but kidnapped and I knew I wanted the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security to get involved for the search.

My clubs were stolen from the storage unit I was renting and truth be told I was really heartbroken all the time and sweat I put in piecing that set.

2105 rolls around and months after the clubs were stolen I get really sick I was on numerous occasion home sick seen every doctor to get better. I was filled with all kinds of meds. During the days I was in bed I started thinking about my golf adventures and what I would do once I was feeling better. In December my family came from Spain and I started feeling better once I was able to get off the meds I went back to my list that I made and new that 2016 was going to be my golfing year



2016 started the year getting well l I had gain the weight back I did lose the muscle mass and lost my swing if there is truly something like that. So new game plan got new sticks new goals and ready for the this adventure.

Here’s, where I am right now 206lb out of shape and my handicap not sure where it is so I decided to start from scratch. Next post

“The Working Class Hero” will have the plan the blue print.

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